Precision in training design
Perform CoreFitMax test: input 88 postural and functional body parameters to calculate resting muscle tone of 62 major muscles, functional lateralization by body segments, functional stride length and body weight.
Generate CoreFitMax fitness plan: create precise and detailed workout to restore movement balance and harmonize body function. Retest monthly to observe the difference!

Test your muscles and create your exercise using computer data analysis

Technology for advanced fitness

Regain your body capability with CoreFitMax exercise program, based on medical knowledge and sports training principles, powered by modern technology

Science based

Selection of exercises is based upon the results of motoric and functional test battery, developed according to modern medical and sports science knowledge


Stimulation of brain motor control, improvement of muscle synergy and movement patterns, and optimization of soft tissue load by set of measurements and workout optimization

Muscle analysis

Calculate resting muscle tone of 60+ major muscles. Track improvement in your strength, flexibility, balance and coordination


Personalize each your workout using our database of over 530 exercises, based on the results of relevant functional parameters – seamlessly integrated in software

Main features

More than 530 individual fitness exercises, each analyzed into 136 biomechanical and motoric parameters
Customizable and easy-to-use computer interface, with exercise image support
Standard fitness stuff – elastic bands, tubes, physioball, TRX, bosu, weights, bar, slider, Reformer… just about anything!
Designed to support multiple levels of exercise experience: recreation, rehabilitation and sport

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