What is CoreFitMax

ProprioceptionCoreFitMax is a computer-assisted body posture analysis algorithm and proprioceptive workout program generator. It is composed of two modules: (1) CFM Screening module and (2) CFM Training module.

No need for sensors, cameras or other expensive equipment, only a sharp eye and experience in fitness testing.

Suitable for fitness personal trainers, strength conditionin coaches, physiotherapists and others involved in body posture diagnostics and training.

CoreFitMax modules

CFM Screening

It uses 88 postural and functional body variables, such as head, neck and pelvis position, shape of spine, knees and feet, the presence of deformity or pain in major joints, clinical gait parameters (position of front, mid and hind foot during phases of walk, Achiles tendon position and lower leg rotation, knee amortization movements) and FMS (Functional Movement Screening) score.

All these data serve as input to complex algorithm based on 15-segment model of human body, calculating:

• Relative resting muscle tone of 62 major trunk, arm and leg muscles involved in movement execution and stabilizing co-contraction;

• Functional lateralization of three body segments: arm & shoulder girdle, trunk and leg & pelvic girdle;

• Global Functional coordination score across six major planes of movement (functional coordinations) constructed relative to inherent fulcrum (body center of gravity);

• Optimal stride length

• Optimal body weight

These data reveal underlying muscle imbalance associatied with body posture and walking pattern. In rehabilitation it can serve as a recipe for physiotherapeutic exercise, while in training it is a useful diagnostic and tracking tool.

CFM Training

Based on CFM Screening results, CFM Training module produces individual exercise plan in order to correct body posture and kinesthetics (sense of position and movement of body parts), and to improve activation pattern of CORE muscles (trunk stabilizers).

Disfunction of CORE muscle activation leads to compensatory activation of other muscles, which take over the role of stabilization and thus alter their primary role as prime movers. This situation can lead to muscle cramps (spasms) and pain. Disturbance of adequate joint stabilization due to muscle impairment is a predisposing factor to soft tissue, cartilage and/or bone injury.

CoreFitMax improves motor control of the body by adjustment of stabilizer activation, using natural stimulus: proprioceptive feedback mechanism.

Main CoreFitMax features

  • Integration of training and therapy – prevention and treatment of chronic musculoskeletal injuries and postural disturbances.
  • Workout progression (sequence of exercise) follows physiological motor control development.
  • Continuous shift of body position, support area and planes of motions throughout exercise.
  • Periodization according to sports trainining principles.
  • Individually computer-prescribed exercise, adjusted to age, gender, body constitution and level of fitness, with expert assistance.
  • A database with +530 individual fitness exercise, with re-screening in regular monthly intervals.

CoreFitMax workout uses standard fitness equipment: elastic bands, physioball, TRX, foam roller, balance board etc.

Note: for achieving optimal results, as well as for safety issues, is highly recommended to have assistance of a personal trainer.




Comment (2)

  • Dusko Nikolic| January 25, 2016


    Can you tell me how I cn get CoreFitMax pogram?

    Thank you

    • Dusko Spasovski| April 23, 2016

      Dear Mr. Nikolic,
      Thank you for your interest.
      CoreFitMax is currently in beta testing in several facilities, including fitness studios, in the process of making online app.
      What is your location? Perhaps there is a testing facility near you

      CFM Team

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